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The good old days

Last Sunday, the Hyde Park Historical Society invited some of the area’s most senior denizens to share accounts of their neighborhood as it once was. Filling the pews of the Augustana Church at 55th and Woodlawn Avenue, the event, titled “Hyde Park-Kenwood Stories: Remember the Good Old Days In and Around Hyde Park,” was organized and moderated by Lala Rodgers and Kathy Huff, co-chairs of the group’s oral history committee.

Unfinished and Organic

In a city known for its devotion to steel towers, brother and sister curators Peter Kepha and Lauren Pacheco have decided to investigate a more organic material–wood. In their display at the Chicago Urban Art Society, “Wood Worked,” the duo…

Shouts ring out

Last Friday night, this performance, called “Ladies Ring Shout,” brought a crowd of South Side residents out of a cool rain and into the Experimental Station at 61st and Blackstone.

The Local Board

For most Chicago residents, the lakefront is the last place you’d want to be caught on a blustery day. But the sharp winds and crashing waves off Lake Michigan beckon a small but dedicated group of surfers to the shore, donning wetsuits and ready to dive into the icy waters. It may seem unlikely that such a coastal pastime would catch on in land-locked Illinois, but surfing’s got a real following here.