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Fast Tracked

The old U.S. Steel Mills have been abandoned for almost 30 years. Prairie has fought through the vast fields of concrete, asphalt, and steel; most of the permanent structures have been torn down or have disintegrated over time. Tucked in a corner of the sprawling 576-acre lot, an oversized bowl rises above the wasteland.

The South Loop

From far away, the towering condo buildings of the South Loop appear crystalline and new, the products of more than 30 years of development. Yet the streets tell a much different story, worn by the highs and lows of the neighborhood’s past. Once the place to live in Chicago, Prairie Avenue hosted some of the city’s most recognizable families, including the Pullmans and Fields.

The Mayor & The Machine

The politics of Chicago are not those which governed the city one hundred years ago, and the terms “machine politics” and “Chicago Style politics” are getting thrown around loosely. The original meanings of these words are part of a far deeper history than any of these passing references indicates.

Catching MONO

This is the gallery’s latest show, a John Riepenhoff piece entitled MONO. Bringing in the Milwaukee—based artist marks the first time Chia has gone outside the confines of the Chicago art scene.

Tellabrate good times

Last Sunday night, all over the world, people congregated to collectively recognize the rare art of storytelling. Spanning 40 states and nine countries, the performances, collectively known as “Tellabration,” have been organized by the National Storytelling Network, and are held…

Prelude to memory

The nineteen years Lera Auerbach has spent in the United States have left her English with only a hint of a Russian accent. Yet last Friday night, she keyed into her Slavic heritage by interpreting a selection of Dmitri Shostakovich’s…

The great renovation

Last Thursday, on a blustery night, the tree of knowledge rose straight up over the audience gathered at the Second Presbyterian Church of Chicago, a rainbow skirting the tree’s canopy.  Perched 50 feet overhead, a legion of bronzed angels and…