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Red, White, and Green

Although Bridgeport has a reputation as one of Chicago’s great Irish American neighborhoods, the neighborhood now supports a diverse and integrated cultural community.

The right fight

As it tends to be with academics, authors, and activists, the narrative was slightly more complicated on Saturday night. At the Experimental Station, WBEZ and the Illinois Humanities Council brought together some of Chicago’s most entrenched activists and advocates to talk about Beth Richie’s most recent book, “Arrested Justice: Black Women, Violence, and America’s Prison Nation.”

A Part of Me

Taylor Brooks walks in, still wearing her Woodlawn Secondary School uniform underneath a purple coat. She takes a seat at the end of the table and pulls out one of Wendelin Van Draanen’s “Sammy Keyes” books. She keeps quiet and…

With a melody

Two musicians Julianne Skones and Dominic Rotella formed part of the Civic Woodwind Quintet, with the three other woodwind players seated behind them. Along with a string and brass quintet, and a percussion trio, the groups are part of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra’s Musicorps program.

Democracy in Chicago

Christian Mitchell stood in front of a crowd of over a hundred people on Thursday evening to give his five-minute stump speech. Running for the 26th District seat in the Illinois House of Representatives, he was one of many taking…

South of 60th

The streets of Hyde Park are saturated with lush trees forming gentle archways over the pedestrians below. Walking the streets of Woodlawn, the lack of trees is immediate. The few growths along sidewalks are mostly skinny and small, recent transplants…

A Timely Conversation

Norma van der Meulen says that she is getting old, that she can’t quite remember as well as she used to. She is modest, seated in front of a pot of tea in her Hyde Park apartment. Her eyes come…