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Zaytune Mediterranean Grill

A savory perfume of Mediterranean spices fills the modest space of Zaytune Mediterranean Grill on the corner of Morgan and 31st. The rich terracotta and olive walls, adorned with a few pieces of Mediterranean-inspired artwork, convey the cuisine’s cultural identity…


Harmony, complement, and dichotomy define the cuisine and atmosphere of this new South Loop spot by the corner of 18th Street and Wabash. A little elegant, a little homegrown, Acadia is a unique experience in accessibly upscale dining, which is absolutely unafraid to defy your expectations.

Troha’s Shrimp and Chicken

You won’t find any vegetables on this menu. The distinct scent and hushed bubbling of deep fryers in Troha’s Shrimp and Chicken invite you into this mom-and-pop style joint—and immediately you know you’re in for a fried food feast. The…