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Chasing Andrei

Saturday night’s director event at the University of Chicago’s Film Studies Center could have been called a lot of things, not the least accurate being something like “Trakovsky does Tarkovsky,” or “Solaris Changed My Life–Let’s See Who Else Agrees.” But the FSC went with the sufficiently self-evident, “Meeting Andrei Tarkovsky.”

A Cause for Jubilee

Rev. Vance’s message is clear enough: the devil is no fiery denizen of hell–he has a corner office in the Loop. And those “forces of evil” mentioned earlier? They have one face to the people in this room: foreclosure.

Police & Thieves

“Police and Thieves,” an exhibit currently on display at the Hyde Park Art Center (HPAC) that investigates American precepts of criminal justice. Like the exhibit, the film attempts to overturn the taken-for-granted division between right and wrong.

Housing Guide 2011: Get A Move On

So, you’ve finally landed that dream apartment: acres of square footage, smiling landlords, dazzling Lake Michigan sunrises that just seem to shout, “Good morning, savvy apartment hunter. You’ve made the right choice. Now pour yourself a bowl of Raisin Bran…