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Building the Best

Here on the South Side, it’s common knowledge that we’re home to a lot of Best things: Best Baseball Team (the Sox), Best Way To Be Late To Work (the Red Line), and Best Escape Route Out of the City…

Dream Towers

On February 1, architect Jeanne Gang and representatives from Silliman Group presented their plans for City Hyde Park, a two-tower, mixed-use project Silliman plans to build on E. Hyde Park and Lake Park. Anchored by a Whole Foods Market and…

No Alternative

It came as a surprise when on the morning of September 6 a school bus stopped in front of St. Clotilde and let out a handful of teenage students. Eventually it came out that the church’s second and third stories had become the new home of Richard Milburn High School.

Holding Up the Line

Cecilia Butler spoke before the Chicago Transit Board for the second time in four months. The 63-year-old woman repeated what she had already said four times before: that the historic station house across the street from the Garfield Green Line stop could and should be a building operated by and for the community.

Ceramic Namelessness

Like “Age of Aquarius,” the gallery’s previous show, “O’Brien” is a fun exhibition, wild, eclectic, and colorful. About a hundred ceramic pieces sit tightly arranged on a wooden, T-shaped table, and while a few terraced pyramids on the tabletop elevate some ceramics above the others, for the most part it’s pieces next to pieces next to pieces.

New Age

With the words,”This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, the age of Aquarius!” ringing in your head, images of bell-bottomed hippies dancing atop the University of Chicago’s Cobb Hall can’t help but come to mind.