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Behind the CPS Closures

On March 21, CPS announced the closure of more than ten percent of the city’s elementary and middle schools. The decision concluded five months of conversation between communities and the district. Officials hail the effort as genuine engagement. Others call it a sham.

Talk about a man

“Sin separated you from seeing the father’s love for his son, so you never knew the type of love a father should have for his son,” Lamar Simms called out. The poet bent over a mic at the head of a makeshift aisle, surrounded by the audience of more than forty that filtered into Woodlawn’s Robust Coffee Lounge on Saturday night.

Jackalope Coffee & Tea House

At Bridgeport’s new Jackalope Coffee & Tea House, the outfit’s fresh-faced enthusiasm hits upon entering. The shop’s bright primary colors provide a burst of energy that, accompanied by a cheery “Good morning!,” wakes one up even before the first sip…

South Kawa

“This would be a really great place to bring a date, if you didn’t want anybody to see you together,” my friend said as we walked into South Kawa in Bridgeport. Stuck amidst a slew of wing joints and dollar…