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Civilization and its Malcontents

The atmosphere inside Bridgeport Art Gallery’s fourth floor showroom was disconcertingly upbeat for an exhibit titled “Anxious Object.” Guests bounced from sculpture to sculpture at the opening reception, nibbling on chunks of cheese and sipping cups of wine as they…

Truck Show

“Once upon a time,” Tim the Mindbender drawled, “a magician lied to me.” It was 5pm on the first truly cold Saturday of the year. The small crowd, faces partially obscured by cups of cider, looked up from their tarot cards. With a grin, the magician situated himself in front of the open trunk of a white rent-a-truck capped with an old-time-circus-style sign decorated with doves.

Less than vicious cyclists

They sounded like bees. A swarm of bikers careened around the corner, enthusiastically buzzing past in a blur of black and white. The day was March 28, the place was Calumet Park, and the occasion was the Gapers Block criterium…