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Mary, Mary

On October 25, 1903, Chicago’s Polish newspapers proudly announced that Archbishop James Quigley had consecrated the new St. Mary’s Church of Perpetual Hope, creating the first Polish Roman Catholic Church in the country. This title was a long time coming for the congregation–the parish had been established 21 years earlier to serve Bridgeport’s growing Polish community.

A personal history

“Buzzing! This place was buzzing!” Mr. Young, the tour guide, shouted as our bus plowed north on Cottage Grove from 43rd Street. “And I mean buzzing, like people everywhere, twenty-four-seven.” Within the first few minutes of this tour sponsored by…

Voice of the People

Last Wednesday at ten of three, a small group had already started to gather around the locked doors of an out-of—the way University of Chicago classroom a full forty minutes before vaunted Marxist literary critic Terry Eagleton was scheduled to…