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Unconventional McCormick

Amid concerns of structural problems and inadequacy as an event center, the future of McCormick Place East is now in question. For the architects, environmentalists, politicians, and everyday people who have long disputed the building’s merits, the chance to decide what will become of the exhibition space has been a long time coming.

Different Folks

Despite what you may (or likely may not) have heard about the withering state of traditional folk music, the UofC’s Folklore Society is just as lively as it was the day it was founded in 1955

Chapter 2

For nearly 50 years, the intricate maze of books that lies at the bottom of a steep staircase in the basement of the Chicago Theological Seminary building at 5757 South University Avenue in Hyde Park has been an incredibly popular place to get lost.

Food is love

The late lunch crowd at the Quench restaurant on 79th between Martin Luther King Drive and Cottage Grove Avenue silently munched away on turkey burgers and fries last Friday afternoon, their seriousness belying the vibrant burnt orange and yellow interior…

Going Once, Going Twice

With the words “Saturday Night at the Auction” proudly displayed on a massive banner across its otherwise unassuming façade, the building off the corner of 75th and Cottage Grove emanated stale light onto the sidewalk as expectant patrons filed into its doors. Last Saturday night the building was brimming with anxious bidders, each perusing the goods to be sold with discriminating taste. The goods–well, they were decidedly unlike those offered by most auctions. What did they sell? Everything you could ever imagine, but most you probably wouldn’t: piles of power tools, heaps of costumes, TVs, from Auvios to Zeniths. If you’re looking for something, but nothing in particular, this is the place for you.