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Night of the lifeless dead

Theater-Hikes’ open-air production of “Night of the Living Dead,” which ran last weekend in Hyde Park on a patch of land on the southwest corner of 58th Street and Woodlawn Avenue, could have used a little more chaos and a lot more gore.

Poetry by post

Sponsored by the Poetry Foundation and the University of Chicago’s Program in Poetry and Poetics, “Poetry of the Shelf: Elizabeth Bishop’s Correspondence with the New Yorker” commemorated the 100th anniversary of the birth of poet Elizabeth Bishop and of the recent publication of a collection of her letters, “Elizabeth Bishop and the New Yorker: The Complete Correspondence.”

Home sweet home

Pittsburgh, an ordinary day in 1923. The city is bustling about its usual business, until–without warning–a small airplane dips down from the skies and towards sidewalks and streets. It weaves around buildings, skims dangerously close to pedestrians, working the city…

Best of the South Side 2010

Literally the crossing of two major railroad lines–the Illinois Central Railroad and the Lake Shore & Michigan Railroad–this historic community area has seen better days. In the second half of the nineteenth century and well into the twentieth, the rails ruled the city (and the nation) and Grand Crossing was king of the South Side. The trains brought a labor force of European immigrants from the North and blacks from the South; industry and trade flourished, and the neighborhood became a junction not just of steam and steel, but of cultures, as well.