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Meeting Midway

Though the MDW Fair was hardly haunted, it was a bit reminiscent of a funhouse. So much was going on at the GeoLofts that it was easy to miss art pieces and their fascinating creators tucked away in corners.

Reading Rainbows

Nicole Mauser’s luminous colors are the first thing to strike you–ambitious and assertive, her bright palette is a perky antidote for the dark and dreary first days of spring.

Chicago-Style Shrimp

The restaurant–if a room with six deep fryers and a few fridges can be called a restaurant–has been unofficially named the best fried shrimp house in Chicago. Although Frank’s is located in Brighton Park, its famed Chicago-style shrimp (not the New Orleans variety) attracts business from across the South Side.

A magazine called desire

“Free whiskey’s over there, and the sex magazine is in the corner,” said the Alan-Rickman-as-Snape look-alike taking tickets, as we entered the Co-Prosperity Sphere for the release party of Lumpen’s ’95 sex magazine.

Social Artifacts

“The creation of artifacts is inevitable, for all will be remnants with the devouring of time,” writes Leonel Hernandez in his artist’s statement. One of eleven artists contributing to the third show at Cobalt Art Studio in Pilsen, Hernandez touches on a theme running through Artifice//Artifact.

You Say Potato

“Would you like some coffee?” the dark-haired waitress asks in a noticeable Polish accent. It’s 8 o’clock at night, but at Mabenka bottomless cups of coffee are still in full swing.

Power Struggle

Into the inferno. In go the orange earplugs, and we step into the belly of the beast. The guide shouts to us over the roar of the furnace, but even with our ear protection in the place is clamorous–a coal…

Beats and Eats

“Why not put food and entertainment all under one bun?” Taylor Mallory asks, reciting the slogan of his new food and music webshow, “Music Burger.” Wearing a smart sport jacket and his signature black baseball cap backwards, Mallory doesn’t look…