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Wesley and Brad Sun

“Every time there’s a convention, a gathering, a fancy comics shop, it’s always north. Anything to bring comic culture south in Chicago is good.”

At Home in Ward 19

Perhaps the idea of a group exhibit portraying the love and support of a tight-knit family is too mawkish for the imagination. At least it would have seemed that way when Carla Winterbottom’s initial open call for artist submissions received…

A Beverly Hills mystery

The broad oak and tiny honey locust leaves on the streets of Beverly flew into the air as bikers wheeled around between 91st and 111st. These riders–some young enough to wear Barbie helmets and others old enough to have bought their bikes before they became vintage–were on the hunt for clues at the Beverly History Mystery Bike Tour, held every October by the Beverly Area Planning Association.


New boutiques, restaurants, and hangouts have gradually begun to emerge out of the buildings that once held the thriving Black Metropolis. While the golden days of poets and jazz are gone, today a bold community is committed to keeping its history, independence, and ingenuity alive.

Operation sunshine

Latoya and her two daughters moved with a small band of “guerilla gardeners” down the block from the URBAN ART RETREAT (UAR) gallery to this lot, to give back to the worms and transform neglected patches of land on May 1, International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day.

Finding Neverwhere

“Neil Gaiman. When we say ‘Neil Gaiman,’ what do most people think of? ‘Top-notch fantasy author,’ maybe, or ‘renowned graphic novelist,’ or ‘Newbery Award winner.’ But I say it is betrayal!” James Kennedy shouted.

Diggin’ the White City

The ceiling rumbled over a packed audience as a train ran on the Metra line over Lake Park Avenue. Those who hadn’t ducked in from the bitter January cold early enough to grab a seat were squeezed along the walls of the smart little brick building by the tracks that now serves as the Hyde Park Historical Society’s (HPHS) headquarters.