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Mythic Craft

Jackalope Coffee is an ode to Bridgeport’s craft-makers–it’s a twee utopia, a Raggedy Ann hodgepodge of Etsy purchases, original artwork, and old-time neighborhood artifacts.

Puppets of the Abyss

With wife Lisa Krause, a professional puppeteer, Espey has transformed his graphic novel “Songs of the Abyss” into a grotesque puppet show he calls “Ishi’s Brain.”

Paul Durica

“There’s just something about the scale of Chicago, and really the swagger, as Carl Sandburg would talk about it, that’s really intriguing to me.”

A Second Grace

Second Presbyterian Church of Chicago sits almost uncomfortably on the corner of Michigan and Cullerton, its great neo-Gothic mass of soaring arches and stone buttresses spliced into the South Loop’s unassuming landscape of sensibly sleek urban shops and apartments with…

Theoretical Practice

String Theory isn’t Bette Cerf Hill’s first work with the Hyde Park Art Center, but it is certainly her most cosmically inclusive. “This starts with the big bang,” she says, walking through HPAC’s main entrance and indicating the first instance…

Stranger than non-fiction

It was the summer of 1977, and the lights were out in New York City. Judith Heineman, at that time a schoolteacher, needed to get to class, but no electricity meant no subway. She stuck out her thumb. A stranger…


Curator Emma Robbins calls Clutch Gallery an “alternative space,” motioning towards the small brown box as we speak. The gallery, approximately 25 square inches and topped with a swinging wooden handle, is really more of a small picnic basket than…