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A Return

Billed by founder Louis Farrakhan (accomplished violinist and leader of the syncretic movement The Nation of Islam) as “The Palace of the People,” Salaam Restaurant–with its smoky black windows, peroxide-white walls, and artfully carved edifice–is pretty hard to miss.

A Fashion Ethic

Rahpheal Hunter is an early riser, an attribute he credits sheepishly to his two little girls.  “I get them ready for school, we do a little meditation, run them to school, and between the hours of eleven and one, I’m…


Jack Clark is early. He hovers around the well-stocked bar, looking to quell his anxieties about the lighting at Jimmy’s. Dmitry Samarov arrives soon after. Bearded, tattooed, dressed in 501’s and a pair of beat up wingtips, he looks part…