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15 More Minutes

After the Ramova closed in 1986, in 2001, the city took over the building–seemingly the final nail in a coffin containing a piece of Bridgeport’s history. But Bridgeport resident Maureen Sullivan is striving to regain control.

Plot Development

The Mary Zepeda Garden looks nothing like the before-photos. A year ago, an abandoned, rusted-out car stood guard over a vacant lot; toxic soil sprouted unsightly weeds. Today, gravel slopes and freshly planted greenery frame the perimeter, and the previously…

An Unearthly Collection

The show is a study in how light on the edge of the visible spectrum can alter our traditional notions of color, shape, and space. Kerr and Nudd commissioned pieces from 30 North American and European artists, assembling a surreal showcase that utilizes highlighters, gel pens, and fluorescent foam.

Contingency Plan

That impulse to take a second look is at the heart of Joan Waltemath’s “Contingencies” exhibit. Contingency involves both the whimsies of chance and the connection between things.

Spring Greening

Last Saturday was the last Clean and Green Day with Richard M. Daley in office. For over two decades, community action groups and teams of volunteers have organized around this annual event, removing litter from their neighborhood lawns and streets.

Viral Voices

In 2003, the University of Chicago professor began the Black Youth Project as a research project to capture the attitudes and social beliefs of African-Americans between the ages of 15 and 24. Now the online website and forum features content ranging from original hip-hop music videos and blog posts concerning census issues to education news articles and survey data.

Computer Generation

Produced by five computer and software artists, PaintFX opened two weeks ago on Feburary 18. Under antena’s roof, Jon Rafman, Parker Ito, Micah Schippa, Tabor Robak, and John Transue use their own antennae — their creative antennae — to facilitate art’s evolution into a digital age.

The Writing on the Wall

From charcoal drawings to paintings, the exhibit at the South Side Community Art Center demonstrates Jones’s versatility as an artist. Slide shows and videos wowed viewers with the bright colors and sharp forms that are a trademark of Jones’s work.