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Close Up with Steve James

Steve James has an uncanny ability to defy the observer effect–a force that dictates that mere observation will change the natural course of things. In his films, the director of the documentaries “Hoop Dreams” and “The Interrupters” has been able to recede into the background and let events transpire as if a gaping camera lens were invisible.

Squaring the Circle

If Jean-Michel Basquiat, Edward Munch, and Willem de Kooning were to combine their artistic genes and make a baby, the result would be the work of German artist André Butzer. Or at least, the work he used to make. Fast-forward…

Redistricting Fault Lines

On October 25, the assembly hall of the Hyde Park Union Church was nearly empty. This gathering was a preliminary informational meeting concerning a process that Chicago undergoes every decade–aldermanic ward redistricting.

The Art of Drink

Rarely does Skittle-infused vodka lead to good choices. But for Graham Hogan and Joseph Rynkiewicz, the candy cocktail led to an innovative new venture in Chicago art commerce. The Hornswaggler Collection made its public debut last Friday night, in the place where it all began–Bridgeport’s Co-Prosperity Sphere.


Originally dubbed “Beverly Hills” in reference to a massive prehistoric ridge that spans it, the neighborhood has always been home to more upwardly mobile middle class families than California-style celebrities. Today, while the outskirts of the neighborhood are home to commercial development, a continuous stream of traffic, and sun-baked sidewalks, the heart of Beverly continues to provide a respite from Chicago’s harsh urban scenery.

Vintage Digs

An Orange Moon, a mid-century modern furniture store in Gage Park, partnered with the Brooks family to run an estate sale at the residence of Charles and Sydonia Brooks after they heard about it from a friend.

On the Surface

In a 1980 journal entry Andy Warhol wrote, “I told them I didn’t believe in art, that I believed in photography.” This credo manifests itself in the Smart Museum of Art’s latest exhibition, “Warhol at Work: Portrait Snapshots 1973-1986.”

Home on the Range

Friday night’s opening of “Riders,” Co-Prosperity Sphere’s latest installation, felt a little bit like a family reunion for the family you probably never had. The exhibition focuses on how the beauty of Mexican ranch life can be simultaneously maintained and reinvented in new spaces–from Mexico to Indiana to the white walls of this Chicago art gallery.