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The whole song and dance

The little auditorium at the University of Chicago Charter School’s Woodlawn School is packed, full of rowdy secondary school students still wide-eyed at this time of night. The walls are a bright blue, with a faux-rococo aesthetic marking the architecture. Behind me sits a chatty group of freshman girls. They are at this show–a school performing arts exhibition–for physics extra credit.

Striking Shades

“This artist used to have a lot of trouble with repetition,” Monika Neuland-Kimrey explained to me, as we looked at four variations on a single portrait of 80s pop star Boy George. All four iterations were done in the same bright, thick blocks of color, duplications that once confused Monika and the other staff who worked with Derrick Collins, the artist behind the piece.

Entropy at mile 21

“It is marath-ON!” So declared Dustin Shaw as he slipped on his volunteer jacket and rejoined a circle of his friends, all huddled together like penguins against the stiffening cold. Shaw and a motley collection of local high school and…