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Reverend Wyatt

After Wyatt passed away last month at 88 years old, a crowd of hundreds, including former Illinois Senator Carol Moseley Braun and the Reverend Jesse Jackson, packed into Wyatt’s church to pay respects to this legacy.

Domestic Nightmares

There’s a phrase often repeated among surrealists, Dadaists, and those attempting to explain the artistic oddities of those first two groups. Echoing André Breton’s sentiment, the surreal, they say, is “the chance encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella…

Forever You

“All About You Forever,” by McDowell, a North-Carolina-via-New-York video artist, was last week’s showcase at ACRE’s intimate gallery space on the northwestern edge of Pilsen. In humble digs no larger than 400 square-feet, McDowell created a layered and dark exploration into the tenuous divide between video and viewer.

The Big Picture

Since the late 1960s the South Side’s painted walls have been quietly teaching us lessons in our local history. Yet time and neglect have allowed these murals and their lessons to fade from of the public eye. To recognize and raise awareness of wall art as a striking form of collective expression, the South Side Community Art Center hosted a wall art tour last Saturday.

A Whole New Ball Game

If the White Sox organization has its way in 2011, they’ll please these old guards with more of the day’s winning formula, and attract a new market of fans alongside the Cell’s changes too: the best of both the baseball and business world.

Illustrious circus

The overcast Chicago sky had made good on its threatening appearance, showering the crowd of around 200 as they hurried through the doors for the production “Illustre”–the culmination of a year’s work for the University of Chicago circus troupe Le Vorris & Vox.