The Chicago Weekly is a student-written alternative weekly at the University of Chicago that covers arts, culture, and politics on the city’s South Side. Newcity Communications publishes the Chicago Weekly every other week during the academic year.



Editor-in-Chief Harrison Smith

Executive Editor Claire Withycombe

Managing Editor Bea Malsky


Senior Editor Christopher Riehle

Features Editor Patrick Leow

Politics Editor Josh Kovensky

Stage & Screen Editor Hannah Nyhart

Visual Arts Editor Sasha Tycko

Photo Editor Lydia Gorham

Video Editor Zachary Goldhammer

Associate Editors Ari Feldman, John Gamino, Katryce Lassle, Sharon Lurye, Spencer Mcavoy, Meaghan Murphy, Osita Nwanevu

Layout Editor Olivia Dorow Hovland

Online Editor Gabi Bernard


Staff Writers Bess Cohen, Emily Holland, Jason Huang, Jack Nuelle, Stephen Urchick

Staff Photographer Camden Bauchner



Email the Editor-in-Chief at hds@uchicago.edu

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