2013 Housing Guide

by Grete Grubelich

by Grete Grubelich

Every year, between April and June, the student population of Hyde Park rearranges itself. Boxes are packed, dorm rooms are vacated, U-Hauls get rented, leases are signed, and a whole lot of students try and memorize a new address. The prospect of finding a new home is exciting, but it’s also daunting, especially when everyone decides to do it over the same couple of months.

So to students facing the pressures of the moving season, we present our annual guide to Hyde Park housing. Here is a survey of the options, and some well researched advice on finding, renting, and living in a place of your own. To those who are searching, we wish you a good fit.

Here’s to the joy of new digs.


Gimme Shelter

How to Find a Home in Hyde Park  

Page 3

What Does it Take to Take on Your Management Company?

One resident sues his management company

Feel Like Going Home

Muddy Waters’ Bronzeville home faces an uncertain future

Making a Home

A Englewood cafe aims to create a new community hotspot

Hyde Park’s Most Famous

A comics guide to the neighborhood’s past glories

Neighborly Advice

On Commuting

The trip to Hyde Park from the South Loop

About Roommates

Post-it Note battles and awkward acid trips

Home Style

How one trendy triumvirate decorated their apartment