Gimme Shelter: The Chicago Weekly’s annual guide to Hyde Park housing


(Mehves Konuk)

(Mehves Konuk)

Spring is in the air. Soon birds will be building their nests, couples will canoodle in newly-green parks, and students sick of their dorms or their roommates will begin the hunt for a new (or first!) apartment in Hyde Park. The world-weary staff of the Weekly, who collectively have occupied at least 30 apartments, are here to help you with the last.

This special feature has two sections. In the first part, we offer advice about practicalities such as hiring movers, knowing your legal rights as a tenant, and expanding your apartment search beyond Hyde Park. In the second, we provide information about several major Hyde Park landlords, including locations, prices, and amenities. In addition, last year’s housing issue with additional advice and landlords is available on our website at–but be aware that rents and contact details may have changed. We hope this helps, and we wish you all good luck.

Neighborly Advice
Getting a Move On
Renters’ Rights
Renters Insurance
Other Neighborhoods
How to Get Free Furniture

So, What are the Options?