Best of the South Side 2008

To those living on the North Side, the general consensus seems to be that, unless you go to the University of Chicago, there’s not much reason to travel south of the Loop. Of course, this is all a lie. Vibrant arts communities have sprung up in Bridgeport and Pilsen, and neighborhoods like Bronzeville and the South Loop are riding the wave of gentrification that’s swept much of the South Side over the past decade. South Shore’s native daughter Michelle Obama has brought increased attention to that area, a well-to-do middle class neighborhood with plenty of cultural offerings. And even Beverly, an area so far south it boasts actual hills, maintains a vibrant local scene, as evidenced by its arts center and longstanding record shop. These are facts all too often ignored by city residents and unnoticed by outsiders. And yet, South Side communities persist and thrive. In light of this, we here at the Chicago Weekly, who dedicate our newspaper each week to spotlighting cultural developments throughout Chi-Town’s southern half, bring you a sampling of some of the best that Chicago’s South Side has to offer. Enjoy!