Trojan! Trojan! Trojan!

First, you go to your night stand, where you keep your little stash of Trojan condoms. Of course, you wear Trojans because they have twenty-eight different types. Why would you ever think that something else is better? Second, you examine the expiration date. Then, you undo the packaging, but do not use your teeth. This can strain the plastic, creating holes. Next, examine how the condom rolls, pinch the top and roll down the shaft. Later, remove the condom, rolling it as little as possible. Tie the condom in a knot and throw it in the trash.

This helpful information was explained by a Trojan Evolve campaign, a nationwide sexual education effort run by Trojan Condoms. The Trojan Evolve bus is making stops at sixty different colleges nationwide over the course of six months. The current leg of this long tour stopped at the University of Chicago last Wednesday. The forty-foot bus stopped on the campus quads, offering a combination of sexual education and free condoms. Other sexual health-related campus organizations were at the event, including the Student Care Center (SCC) and Resources for Sexual Violence Prevention (RSVP).

In addition, as part of the condom maker’s “Evolve” advertisement campaign, a condom race was available for lucky participants. Racers lined up, and at the shout of “Trojan,” ran to a make-do night stand, grabbed a condom, and tried to place the condom correctly on plastic bananas as quickly as possible. The top scorers of the condom race have been students at University of Lawrence and University of Arkansas at Little Rock, who tied at eleven seconds. A quickie indeed.

The “Evolve” advertisement, which stirred controversy earlier this year, features a crowded bar of pigs who are trying unsuccessfully to pick up beautiful women who are scattered throughout the bar. However, the “hero” of the ad decides to buy a condom from a vending machine in the bathroom. He then becomes a beautiful prince and picks up the woman of his desire. This same imagery pervaded the tour bus and tent. The bus featured a three-step evolution from pig, to pig-man, to a muscular adult male.

“This is the first time that Trojan has put together an education tour, versus a product dissemination tour. Trojan feels very strongly that we need to get on the ball and evolve the conversation about sexual health in America,” explained Kari Kuka, the Trojan Evolve Sexual Health Educator. Kuka explained that Trojan is asking students to do three things. First, sign a pledge to always use a condom if they are sexually active. Second, go into a film booth located on the Trojan bus and “shout out to their friends” about living a healthy sex life. Third, sign a petition that will “be sent to policymakers to influence how we think about sexual health in this country.”

A five-minute video on a constant loop explained the campaign succinctly: America is the least sexually healthy country in the Western world. The United States has the highest rate of unintentional pregnancies–three million per year–and the highest number of newly diagnosed sexually transmitted diseases–nineteen million per year. So, wear a condom.