Big Players: Hyde Park’s largest realtors

In the second part of this issue’s feature, we profile the major real estate companies serving Hyde Park.

MAC Properties
Locations: 47th and Ellis; 47th and Woodlawn; 51st and Drexel; 51st and Greenwood; 51st and Kimbark; 51st and Harper; properties on Cornell and S. Hyde Park Blvd. from 51st to 56th; 52nd and Drexel; 52nd and Woodlawn; 52nd and Dorchester; 52nd and Blackstone; Most Woodlawn properties between 53rd to 55th; 53rd between Ellis and Greenwood; 53rd and Cornell; 54th Place and Cottage Grove; 54th and Ellis; 54th and Blackstone; 54th Place and Cottage Grove; 54th and Drexel; 55th and University; 57th and Kimbark; 57th and Lake Park.
Amenities included: Dishwasher in a few of the properties, hot water and heat included with rent.
Rent range: Studio $500-$1000
Two-bedroom $1000-$1400
Three-bedroom $1400-$1800
Four-bedroom $2000-$2400
Pros: No security deposit required, lease dates beginning in September, locations all over Hyde Park, variety of properties, some recently renovated properties such as the Algonquin (51st and Hyde Park), Woodlawn Court (53rd and Woodlawn), and the Blackwood (52nd and Blackstone).
Cons: Notoriously poor customer service, one-time non-refundable $300 move-in fee, gas and electricity not included in rent, some apartments are under-heated in the winter, many apartments in a general state of disrepair.
User comments: “I know that MAC has a bad reputation, but K&G gave them some terrible apartments and I think they have made some real efforts to improve them. In my experience they have been prompt and caring.” –Greg Muren.
Notes: Because MAC offers apartments in many of the popular locations for undergrads such as Woodlawn and generally dominates the property market in Hyde Park, they are known for having a lack of concern for helping people find apartments or providing good service that would keep or attract customers. MAC is known for having poor management both on the leasing and resident services side: losing track of rent, failing to respond to customer service needs, and having a lack of coordination amongst its staff. Having recently bought up many more Hyde Park apartments, they often do not know much about what properties they are selling. That being said, some residents have perceived a recent turnaround in resident services responsiveness, and MAC reportedly is beginning a project to renovate many of its run-down Hyde Park apartments.
Contact: MAC Chicago Leasing Office, 5418 South Woodlawn Ave, Suite G. (773) 324-8543. (Laura Harmon)

Parker-Holsman Company
Locations: 5631-39 S. Kenwood Ave; 5756-58 S. Kenwood Ave; 5600-02 S. Dorchester Ave; 5464-76 S. Harper Ave; 5323-25 S. Woodlawn Ave.
Amenities: Laundry facilities.
Rent range: Studio/One-bedroom $540-700
One-bed/One-bath $750-780
Three-bed/Two-bath $1250-1400
Pros: Extremely well-organized, informative website, easy to get in touch with, clear-cut rules, seem to be well executed.
Cons: Higher prices, mostly year-long leases which usually start in June or July, don’t seem to have student-specific norms of conduct.
Notes: Well-established (since 1931), “good relationship with students.”
Contact: 1461 East 57th St. (773) 493-2525. (Bonnie Kate Walker)

Regents Park Luxury Apartments
Locations: 5020-5050 S. Lake Shore Dr.
Amenities: Private health club, indoor pool, urban garden and bird sanctuary, onsite grocery store, heated garage
Rent range: Studio $1025—$1250
One-bedroom $1195—$1435
Two-bed/Two-bath $1495—$1875
Three-bed/Two-bath $1895—$2250
Pros: Regents offers a student discount for undergraduate students looking for two- or three-bedroom apartments at $699 per student regardless of floor level or floor plan. Membership to the health club is half-price with this special offer.
Cons: Heating/cooling and electric are not included in the rent prices
User comments: “It’s really nice, but I thought it was a little too luxurious. As a college student, I expected something more…something more cozy. It was a little dry and dull.”–Sung Eun Jung
Notes: In order to find an apartment in Regents, prospective leasers must fill out an application specifying their preferences. Those interested in a place for this September are advised to fill this out quickly.
Contact: Regents Park Office, 5020 S. Lake Shore Dr. (773) 288-5050. (Elise Biggers)

McKey and Poague
Locations: Managed building at Kenwood and 54th; others available
Amenities: Usually household appliances, laundry room, bike rack room
Rent range: 2 Bedroom $900-1100
3 bedroom (very few available) $1500-1700
Pros: Likes working with students, attentive to student needs, very concerned with good management and customer service; goal is to “make life as easy as possible. Provide a safe, secure, nice apartment, so students can leave Hyde Park with good memories.”
Cons: No website, no company email address, hard to access.
User comments: “I haven’t had any problems with the management, and I love my apartment. I would definitely say my experience [with McKey and Poague] has been universally better than my experience with K&G.”– Anonymous tenant
Notes: Extremely nice and eager to accommodate, proud of good service and customer appreciation
Contact: 1348 East 55th St. (773) 363-6200. (Bonnie Kate Walker)