Courses and Programs of Study: Some potential offerings for the winter curriculum

Attention: The following additions are being made to the undergraduate course listings for Winter Quarter 2008. Students will be able to register until Friday of 10th week. Please see Time Schedules for more information.

PHIL 200164 Naps
PQ: Cannot suffer from insomnia or a work ethic. This course will explore the phenomenon of the nap and how it relates to the human experience. Instead of trying to hide it by pretending to take notes, students will be encouraged to openly nap in class. Students will also keep and submit weekly dream logs, to be handed in at the first class of the following week. Students may also sleep outside of class for extra credit. Texts for the class will include Freud’s “Interpretation of Dreams” and Brown and Hurd’s “Goodnight Moon.” The final will take place in the University of Chicago Hospital’s sleep lab. Open only to undergraduates.

eNgL 001011 : )
PQ: some familiarity with teh internets. hi! this class will xamin teh iNtErNeT chat fenominon and its impact on the eng lang. *all* hw will be completed and submitted online. u cannot be Away for >1 class or : ( plz submit ur txt sample and register ur sn w/, plzkthx. gtg, but ttyl and c u soon!

PSYC 341006 Facebook as a Verb
Do you know what your friends are doing at all times by checking their Facebook profiles? Do you Facebook people you meet in class without actually friending them? Have you ever stopped being friends with someone because they listed a pop artist under their Favorite Music? This class will explore the fundamental question: How accurate is a Facebook profile? Texts will include eight profiles of total strangers for each student in the class. We will examine them in depth and then use the information gathered to track their movements, relationships, and social activities. Students will then friend their eight subjects and attempt to establish a face-to-face relationship. Logs will be kept and compared to Facebook updates. Please note that, despite the subject matter of this course, “I was updating my Profile” will not be accepted as an excuse for not doing homework or attending class. It is, however, a valid excuse for not having actual relationships with real people, rather than with their Profiles.

CMSC 123400 Sticking it to the RIAA
In this class, students will learn how to download music while escaping detection from the University’s repressive policing agency, NSIT. Students will be encouraged to use, design, and otherwise engage with peer-to-peer software to download music and burn at least two CDs for each class. Equivalent space on a thumb drive may also be used. More songs may be submitted for extra credit. Students will lose credit for getting caught and for any legal action taken against them. Anyone who has not been arrested by finals week will automatically receive an A. If you go to jail, you fail.

BIOS 241690 Mammalian Mating Rituals
This class will be offered Wednesday and Friday evenings from 9pm to midnight. Students will be paired off at the beginning of each Wednesday class and given one minute to interview their partner. They will then switch and interview the next person for one minute, and so on until everyone has met. At the end of the class, students must have chosen their partner(s) for the next class on Friday. The second session each week will convene at the Ramada Inn on Lake Shore. Activity logs for each week must be submitted as the final project. $15 protection fee. Students must provide any additional accessories they wish to use for Friday classes.

PHED 195670 Advanced Archery
This class fulfills the undergraduate physical education requirement and is sponsored by the University Community Service Center. Training will begin Winter Quarter and practice will continue in the Spring. Students will learn the ancient art of archery beginning in the winter with indoor target practice. They will then advance to moving targets indoors. Advanced students will be asked to continue to the elite Spring Quarter Quad Squad. Archers stationed around the quads will have the opportunity to put their skills to the test by targeting squirrels. Points will be given for every squirrel killed, and deducted for every UofC student hit in friendly fire. No points will be lost for hitting prospies with popped collars, though the Physical Education department does not condone violence against other human beings; just against furry, aggressive, overly-plentiful, flown-in-by-Rockefeller-to-remind-him-of-the-east-coast TREE RATS! Please wear tennis shoes and nature-colored clothing to every class. Happy hunting.